Thies Mynther is a german composer, lyricist and producer. He is living and working predominantly in Hamburg and Berlin. Since 1989 he has contributed to over hundred album releases. As a member of bands like Phantom/Ghost, Stella or Das Bierbeben, collaborator of Miss Kittin, Chicks On Speed and Dillon he has played over 1000 concerts in very diverse contexts.

 Over the years he developed a growing interest in music set apart from the classical european tradition of harmonic functionality, in electronic club music and other musical languages.

This fascination lead him to occasional sound design and score compositions for movies in the early years of the new millenium.

It was only a small step to the theatrical realm from there: Driven by a deep personal obsession with american musical theater he decided to dedicate himself to working with music in dramatic stage contexts in 2010.

He worked as composer, musician and musical director with a broad range of directors from Nicolas Stemann, Sebastian Baumgarten, Bastian Kraft, Brit Bartkowiak, Ulrich Matthes, but also with performative groups like Showcase Beat Le Mot and initiated collaborations with artists like Cosima von Bonin (as Phantom Ghost) or israeli entrepreneur/actor/director Jason Danino Holt.

Among other places he has worked at the Schauspielhaus and Kampnagel in Hamburg, at Deutsches Theater, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Akademie der Künste and HAU in Berlin and at the National theater SND in Bratislava .

In 2014, as part of Retrospectres, a joint show of works by Phantom Ghost and Cosima von Bonin at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele/Kampnagel HH/Mumok Wien, a song book with 22 selected compositions by the group was published by Galerie Buchholz.

In 2016 he developed and produced the piece I Know It When I See It, a theatrical examination of pornography based on the biography of Georgina Spelvin, as part of the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel.

In 2017 he worked with Mia Constantine and Josua Rösing, intensified his collaboration with Showcase Beat Le Mot and founded the production company Fairy Bot with Sandra Trostel, which is dedicated to cross-medial, transgressive narrative forms. He also won a prize at a Wave Field Synthesis Composition Contest organised by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

In 2018 he contributed the soundtrack to All Creatures Welcome, a documentary about the communities around the Chaos Computer Club, produced and cowrote the album/musical performance Add Land with the artist Tellavision, developed, scored and directed the musical perfomance This Machine Kills with Veit Sprenger at HAU Berlin and wrote songs and  score music for a staged version of Panikherz by Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre.

In 2019 he worked, among other places, as composer at the Vakhtangov theatre Moscow and as performer/writer at Theater im Pumpenhaus/Flurstuecke019 Festival Muenster. This mechatronic street performance led to an exhibition at Kunsthalle Muenster which  is unfortunately closed due to the pandemic. 


He is currently developing a radio show for Montez Press, an Instagram Opera and a postapocalyptic animation Musical. 

Inspired by these works he will continue to dedicate himself to playful, form-setting hybrids of digital media and performative means in the context of conceiving contemporary, art-related forms of musical theatre.





First record release, beginning of a career in pop culture as composer and lyricist and member of bands like Phantom Ghost, Stella, Superpunk.         


since 1995

Getting into music production. Works with Glove, Chicks On Speed, Miss Kittin, Dillon.


since  2004 

Composition and sound design for several movies.


since 2009

Focus on writing and performing music and text in theatrical contexts.







Превращение/Die Verwandlung/Metamorphosis

by Franz Kafka

Vakhtangov theatre Moscow

Direction: Josua Rösing

Composition and arrangements


by Maya Arad Yasur
Direction: Josua Rösing
Translation: Matthias Naumann

Schauspielhaus Kiel

Composition and arrangements


Compositions: Moondog
Concept, text, additional songs: Thies Mynther and Veit Sprenger
Construction: Hans Salomon, Rainer Holthues, Meik Bauer
Mechatronic Instruments: Tobias Euler
Flurstuecke019/Theatre at the Pumpenhaus Münster
Composition, arrangements, development and performance




This Machine Kills

with Veit Sprenger, Anja Quickert. Alex Murray-Leslie, Sandra Trostel, Dasniya Somme, Ithea Koch

HAU Berlin

Composition, development and performance



by Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre

Stadttheater Giessen

Direction: Jan Langenheim

Songs and stage music


Der Tod ist kein Geschäft

Staged reading for Heiner Mueller with Hermann Beyer, Corinna Harfouch, Markus Kunze, Jürgen Kuttner, Agnes Julia Mann, Bernd Moss, Veit Sprenger, Thies Mynther

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Arrangements and performance




Showcase Beat Le Mot zeigen Gefuehle

by Showcase Beat Le Mot

Kampnagel Hamburg/FFT Düsseldorf

Composition and performance


Lehman Brothers

by Stefano Massini

Theater Regensburg

Direction: Josua Rösing

Composition, arrangements and lyrics


Die Winterreise

by Elfriede Jelinek

Direction: Mia Constantine

Theater Regensburg





Das Feuerschiff                                     

by Siegfried Lenz

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Direction: Josua Rösing

Composition and arrangements


I Know it When I see It                   

by Jason Danino Holt/Thies Mynther/Ensemble

Direction: Jason Danino Holt

International Summer Festival Kampnagel Hamburg

Idea, coproduction, composition, performance



Gefühle II          

by Showcase Beat Le Mot           

Direction/Production: Showcase Beat Le Mot

HAU Berlin

Composition and performance




Whore/Raful und das Meer       

by Jason Danino Holt, Jonathan Levy

Staged reading, Direction: Josua Rösing

Akademie der Künste Berlin

Arrangements and performance


Gefühle, nothing but

by Showcase Beat Le Mot            

Direction/Production: Showcase Beat Le Mot

HAU Berlin

Composition and performance





Die Ballade vom fliegenden Holländer     

by Sebastian Baumgarten and Jörg Bochow

Direction: Sebastian Baumgarten

Schauspielhaus Hamburg

Arrangements and stage music (with Hauschka), musical conduction


Der Besuch der alten Dame       

by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Direction: Bastian Kraft

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Arrangements, stage music und musical direction 


Phantom Ghost-Retrospectres

by Phantom Ghost, Cosima von Bonin und Eike Wittrock       

Co-Direction:Johannes Müller/Philine Rinnert

Haus der Berliner Festspiele/Kampnagel Hamburg/Mumok Wien

Composition and performance


Das Land der ersten Dinge/Bludičky       

by Nino Haratischwili

Direction: Brit Bartkowiak

Deutsches Theater Berlin/National Theater SND Bratislava

Composition and arrangements



by Lucie Depaux

Direction: Brit Bartkowiak

Staatstheater Mainz

Composition and arrangements



by Lukas Baerfuss

Direction: Brit Bartkowiak

Deutsches Theater Göttingen

Composition and arrangements





by Simon Stephens

Direction: Ulrich Matthes

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Composition and arrangements


Yellow Line               

by Juli Zeh und Charlotte Roos

Direction: Brit Bartkowiak

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Music and sound design


Deportation Cast            

by Björn Bicker

Direction: Brit Bartkowiak

Oldenburgisches Staatstheater/Staatstheater Mainz

Composition and sound design




Muttersprache Mameloschn        

by Marianna Salzmann

Direction: Brit Bartkowiak

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Arrangements, sound design, musical production





Direction/Production: Showcase Beat Le Mot

by Showcase Beat Le Mot

Hebbel Am Ufer Berlin

Composition, arrangements, musical production




Die heilige Johanna der Schlachthöfe       

by Bertolt Brecht

Direction: Nicolas Stemann   

Deutsches Theater Berlin

Composition and musical direction




"All Creatures Welcome" (Sandra Trostel, Fairy Bot, 2018)

“Another Fucking –––––” (Katharina Schubert, 2012)

"Die Anruferin" (Felix Randau, Wüstefilm, 2007)

"Lauf der Dinge" (Rolf Wolkenstein, Intervista, 2006)

"Mädchen Mädchen- Opening Song" (Denis Gansel, 2001)




Herr Lehmann - "Phantoms and Ghosts"/Phantom/Ghost

Lammbock - "Hyperventilation Weeks"/Stella

Kurz und Schmerzlos- "Nunca Dire/Cocomoon"/Ninos Con Bombas




"LUK" ( Regie: Adnan Softic, Lomafilm, 2005)

"Wie ich ein freier Reisebegleiter wurde" (Regie: Jan Peters, Abbildungszentrum 2006)

„Die Braut“ (Regie: Roman Schaible, Wüste Film 2007)

„Altyapi“ (Regie: Fatih Akin, Corazón 2007)

„Fatih Akin- Tagebuch eines Filmreisenden“ (Regie: Monique Akin, Corazón 2007)

"Die Anruferin" (Regie Felix Randau, Wüstefilm, 2007)

„Utopia Ltd.“ (Regie: Sandra Trostel, Tiny Terror Productions 2010/2011)

“Everybody’s Cage” (Regie Sandra Trostel, 2015)






as Musician/Author/Producer


Thies Mynther

"Превращение/Prevrashchenie"  (Digital release/Fairy Bot Recordings, 2019)


Thies Mynther and This Machine Kills Ensemble

"This Machine Kills- Hidden Tales of the Revolutionary Ensemble"  (Digital release/Fairy Bot Recordings, 2019)


Fairy Bot Orchestra

"All Creatures Welcome Soundtrack EP" (Digital release/Fairy Bot Recordings, 2018)


Thies Mynther

"Panikherz EP" (Digital release/Fairy Bot Recordings, 2018)



"Add Land" (to be released in early 2019)


Thies Mynther And Fee Kuerten

"Let’s Become Pornography“ (Digital Release/Bloody Hands 2017) 



"The Unknown"  (CD/12Inches-BPitch Recordings 2014)

"This Silence Kills" (CD/12Inches-BPitch Recordings 2011)


Chicks on Speed

"Will save us all" (LP/CD,Chicks On Speed Records, 2000)

"99 Cents" (LP/CD, Chicks On Speed Records/Labels, 2003)


Miss Kittin

„" (CD+2x12"+6x7", Labels, 2004) 

"Professional Distortion" (12inch, Labels, 2004) 

"Requiem for a hit" (12inch, Labels, 2004)



"Phantoms and Ghosts" on Ladomat 100 (DoLP/CD, Ladomat Compilation, 2000)

"Phantom/Ghost" (CD, Ladomat, 2000)

"Electronic Alcatraz" (12inch, Ladomat, 2000)

"Perfect Lovers p.t 1+2" (2 12 inches, Ladomat, 2002)

"Nothing is written" ( 12inch/CDM, Ladomat/Mute, 2003

"To Damascus" (CD/LP, Ladomat/Mute, 2003)

"Born with a nervous Breakdown" (12inch, Ladomat/Mute, 2004)

"Three" (CD/LP, Lado/Dial, 2006)

"Thrown out of drama school“ (Dial 2009)

“ Pardon My English” (Dial 2012)



"A bisserl was geht immer"  ( LP/CD L'Age d'Or/Fidel Bastro, 1999)

"Wasser Marsch" ( LP/CD L'Age d'Or, 2001)

"Neue Zähne für meinen Bruder und mich (Wigan Garage Mix)" (CDM, L'Age d'Or, 2001)

"Right back where we started from"(, 7 inch, L'Age d'Or, 2002)

"Ich bin kein Ignorant, ich bin kein Idiot" (CDM, L'Age d'Or, 2002)

"Einmal Superpunk, bitte!" (LP/CD, L'Age d'Or, 2004)

"Ich weigere mich, aufzugeben" (7inch/CDM L'Age d'Or, 2004)

 "Bitte verlass mich EP" (CDM, L'Age d'Or, 2005)

 "Können Sie das groß machen, bitte?!" (DVD+Live-CD, L'Age d'Or, 2006)

„Why not?“ (LP, Tapete Records 2007)

„ Die Seele des Menschen unter Superpunk“ (CD/LP Tapete Records, 2009)



"Stella EP" (12inch, L´age d´Or, 1996)

"Ok tomorrow I´ll Be perfect" (7inch, L´age d´Or, 1997)

"Ok tomorrow I´ll Be perfect" (CD,L´age d´Or, 1997)

"Lower Saxony" (CDM, L´age d´Or, 1998)

"Extralife" (CD/LP, L´age d´Or, 1998)

"Extralife+Remixes" (CdM/12inch, L´age d´Or, 1998)

"Ok tomorrow I´ll Be perfect" (CdM/12inch, L´age d´Or, 1998)

"Hyperventilation Weeks" ((CdM/7inch, L´age d´Or, 2000)

"Finger on the trigger for the years to come" ((CD/LP, L´age d´Or, 2000)

"Finger on the trigger for the years to come remixes"  (CD/12inch, L´age d´Or, 2000)"

"Bad news Entertainment" (CD/12inch, L´age d´Or, 2001)

"Better Days Sounds Great" (CD/LP,L´age d´Or, 2004)

"FUKUI" (CD/LP, Clouds Hill Recordings 2010)


Das Bierbeben

"Wir sind" (12", Shitkatapult 2002)

"Mach Deinen Fernseher kaputt"(12", Shitkatapult 2003)

"No Future No Past" (Do-LP/CD,  Shitkatapult, 2004)

"Reproduktion/Staub" (12",  Shitkatapult, 2004)

"Im Kreis" (12", Shitkatapult, 2006)

"Alles Fällt" (Do-LP/CD, Shitkatapult, 2006)

"Alles Fällt" (12", Shitkatapult, 2006)



"Wunderbar" (12inch, Playhouse, 2003)

"Drogenkontrolle" (12inch+Sampler, Cocoon Records, 2001)

The Y2ks:

"Sydney Harbour Bridge" ( 12"/CD on L'Age d'Or-Compilation 1999,also on 12"/CD, Monza-Compilation, 2001)


Die Regierung

"So Drauf" (CD/LP, Láge D´Or, 1992)

"Unten" (CD/LP, Láge D´Or, 1994)

"Komm zusammen" (7inch, 1992)



"Scheißkapitalismus" (CD/LP, 1992)


Die Sterne

"Wichtig" (CD/LP, 1993)

"Wo ist hier" (CD/LP, 1999)


Platinum Flaviour (with Erobique)

"Brenner"-"Various Artists - Y01" (12inch, L´age d´Or, 2000)

"Wintergospel"- "Operation Pudel 2001" (CD/12inch, L'Age D'Or,2001)


Die 5 Freunde

"Aggro" (CD/LP, East  West, 1994)


Ninos con Bombas

"El Nino" (CD, WEA, 1998)


"Camp Imperial" (CD/LP, Láge D´Or, 1996)




"Sonnendeck"-Peter Licht 

"Cést ma vie"- Phonoboy

"Kaltes Klares Wasser"- Chicks On Speed (with DJ Koze)

"Dance like it is ok"- Martini Brös (with DJ Koze)

"Rippin Kittin"- Golden Boy with Miss Kittin (with Glove)

"Playgirl"- Ladytron (with Glove)

"Here comes the night"- Ego Express  (with Glove) 

"Build A Fire "- KLF  (with Glove), 2003

"Das bißchen besser"- Die Sterne (with Glove), 1999






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