Thies Mynther

"Превращение/Prevrashchenie"  (Digital release/Fairy Bot Recordings, 2019)


Thies Mynther and This Machine Kills Ensemble

"This Machine Kills- Hidden Tales of the Revolutionary Ensemble"  (Digital release/Fairy Bot Recordings, 2019)


Fairy Bot Orchestra

"All Creatures Welcome Soundtrack EP" (Digital release/Fairy Bot Recordings, 2018)


Thies Mynther

"Panikherz EP" (Digital release/Fairy Bot Recordings, 2018)



"Add Land" (to be released in early 2019)


Thies Mynther And Fee Kuerten

"Let’s Become Pornography“ (Digital Release/Bloody Hands 2017) 



"The Unknown"  (CD/12Inches-BPitch Recordings 2014)

"This Silence Kills" (CD/12Inches-BPitch Recordings 2011)


Chicks on Speed

"Will save us all" (LP/CD,Chicks On Speed Records, 2000)

"99 Cents" (LP/CD, Chicks On Speed Records/Labels, 2003)


Miss Kittin

„i.com" (CD+2x12"+6x7", Labels, 2004) 

"Professional Distortion" (12inch, Labels, 2004) 

"Requiem for a hit" (12inch, Labels, 2004)



"Phantoms and Ghosts" on Ladomat 100 (DoLP/CD, Ladomat Compilation, 2000)

"Phantom/Ghost" (CD, Ladomat, 2000)

"Electronic Alcatraz" (12inch, Ladomat, 2000)

"Perfect Lovers p.t 1+2" (2 12 inches, Ladomat, 2002)

"Nothing is written" ( 12inch/CDM, Ladomat/Mute, 2003

"To Damascus" (CD/LP, Ladomat/Mute, 2003)

"Born with a nervous Breakdown" (12inch, Ladomat/Mute, 2004)

"Three" (CD/LP, Lado/Dial, 2006)

"Thrown out of drama school“ (Dial 2009)

“ Pardon My English” (Dial 2012)



"A bisserl was geht immer"  ( LP/CD L'Age d'Or/Fidel Bastro, 1999)

"Wasser Marsch" ( LP/CD L'Age d'Or, 2001)

"Neue Zähne für meinen Bruder und mich (Wigan Garage Mix)" (CDM, L'Age d'Or, 2001)

"Right back where we started from"(, 7 inch, L'Age d'Or, 2002)

"Ich bin kein Ignorant, ich bin kein Idiot" (CDM, L'Age d'Or, 2002)

"Einmal Superpunk, bitte!" (LP/CD, L'Age d'Or, 2004)

"Ich weigere mich, aufzugeben" (7inch/CDM L'Age d'Or, 2004)

 "Bitte verlass mich EP" (CDM, L'Age d'Or, 2005)

 "Können Sie das groß machen, bitte?!" (DVD+Live-CD, L'Age d'Or, 2006)

„Why not?“ (LP, Tapete Records 2007)

„ Die Seele des Menschen unter Superpunk“ (CD/LP Tapete Records, 2009)



"Stella EP" (12inch, L´age d´Or, 1996)

"Ok tomorrow I´ll Be perfect" (7inch, L´age d´Or, 1997)

"Ok tomorrow I´ll Be perfect" (CD,L´age d´Or, 1997)

"Lower Saxony" (CDM, L´age d´Or, 1998)

"Extralife" (CD/LP, L´age d´Or, 1998)

"Extralife+Remixes" (CdM/12inch, L´age d´Or, 1998)

"Ok tomorrow I´ll Be perfect" (CdM/12inch, L´age d´Or, 1998)

"Hyperventilation Weeks" ((CdM/7inch, L´age d´Or, 2000)

"Finger on the trigger for the years to come" ((CD/LP, L´age d´Or, 2000)

"Finger on the trigger for the years to come remixes"  (CD/12inch, L´age d´Or, 2000)"

"Bad news Entertainment" (CD/12inch, L´age d´Or, 2001)

"Better Days Sounds Great" (CD/LP,L´age d´Or, 2004)

"FUKUI" (CD/LP, Clouds Hill Recordings 2010)


Das Bierbeben

"Wir sind" (12", Shitkatapult 2002)

"Mach Deinen Fernseher kaputt"(12", Shitkatapult 2003)

"No Future No Past" (Do-LP/CD,  Shitkatapult, 2004)

"Reproduktion/Staub" (12",  Shitkatapult, 2004)

"Im Kreis" (12", Shitkatapult, 2006)

"Alles Fällt" (Do-LP/CD, Shitkatapult, 2006)

"Alles Fällt" (12", Shitkatapult, 2006)



"Wunderbar" (12inch, Playhouse, 2003)

"Drogenkontrolle" (12inch+Sampler, Cocoon Records, 2001)

The Y2ks:

"Sydney Harbour Bridge" ( 12"/CD on L'Age d'Or-Compilation 1999,also on 12"/CD, Monza-Compilation, 2001)


Die Regierung

"So Drauf" (CD/LP, Láge D´Or, 1992)

"Unten" (CD/LP, Láge D´Or, 1994)

"Komm zusammen" (7inch, 1992)



"Scheißkapitalismus" (CD/LP, 1992)


Die Sterne

"Wichtig" (CD/LP, 1993)

"Wo ist hier" (CD/LP, 1999)


Platinum Flaviour (with Erobique)

"Brenner"-"Various Artists - Y01" (12inch, L´age d´Or, 2000)

"Wintergospel"- "Operation Pudel 2001" (CD/12inch, L'Age D'Or,2001)


Die 5 Freunde

"Aggro" (CD/LP, East  West, 1994)


Ninos con Bombas

"El Nino" (CD, WEA, 1998)


"Camp Imperial" (CD/LP, Láge D´Or, 1996)




"Sonnendeck"-Peter Licht 

"Cést ma vie"- Phonoboy

"Kaltes Klares Wasser"- Chicks On Speed (with DJ Koze)

"Dance like it is ok"- Martini Brös (with DJ Koze)

"Rippin Kittin"- Golden Boy with Miss Kittin (with Glove)

"Playgirl"- Ladytron (with Glove)

"Here comes the night"- Ego Express  (with Glove) 

"Build A Fire "- KLF  (with Glove), 2003

"Das bißchen besser"- Die Sterne (with Glove), 1999


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