Let's face it: What we're in right now is not ending quickly. It is as global as it is domestic, a chance as much as it is catastrophic. And very counter-intuitive. Instead of physically gathering in our tribes and safe spaces to fight the slowly growing fears and concerns those of us who are privileged enough are confined to their flats and apartments with the feeling that whatever is coming starts being negotiated now while we're watching from a distance with our eyes glued to the screens. It is now still easy to say: The world won’t be the same when this ends. Maybe it won't be so easy  anymore to grasp what that really means in a few months. That's why we need new ways to connect artistically and mentally. I appreciate all efforts - however weird, underdeveloped, clumsy or kitschy they may be. We all need to cope.

Right now it feels like different stages of denial lead to an asymmetry of ignorance. Maybe the old aristocracies of talent are becoming obsolete rapidly. If they don't they will adapt. Let's stay in touch. It's as simple as that. And as complicated. 

Thies Mynther, 

Dusk Manifesto

from Pajama Opera #01

March 25, 2020 

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