The Corona Improv Sessions began in the global lockdown. Every Sunday for 3 months, performers came together telematically to produce collaborative music and visual works across distant locations. 


The sessions became a vehicle for developing enduring artistic and personal connections, -- creating powerful open spaces at a potential filled moment of cultural and political retrenchment.


Embracing latency, the speculative environment invented during this period launched radical new thinking about collaboration and reinforced the absolute value of improvisation.  Living in the now, which has become a battle cry of mindfulness, took on its full meaning during the corona epidemic, where spontaneous generosity, kindness and hope melted the habitual programmation of our human selves, so long corralled into ways of acting and being that reinforced the systemic conformity and consumerism of the anthropocene capitalist project.  This project is now done with, even if it screams loudly as it falls.  


Using sharpened improvisational skills and technologies honed during the lockdown, the Ars’ Corona Improv Sessions will explore the hybrid dynamics these medias create, challenging known understandings of co-located performance, creating emergent, aleatory musical and visual forms and unframing our habitual wanderings of conformity.


The sessions are accompanied by video/music/text works of participating and associated artists, collaborating remotely. See video links below!

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