100 Songs


The play is situated in a kind of limbo in which a seemingly random combination of people is pondering on how they died during an assasination at an unspecified train station. Forced to relive the 4 minutes leading to their demise over and over they encounter crystallized fragments of the moment, mixed with biographical and musical memories. This is much lighter and entertaining than it might sound and Jan Langenheim's subtle direction guides the ensemble very skillfully through this dreamlike process of cognition.
The speaker collection in Anja Jungheinrichs stage design is a beautiful and simple metaphor which I complemented with a multi-channel sound installation and two songs exclusively written for the play.
I am quite happy with the result, which has, among other things, turned out to be a very musical take on a Schimmelpfennig text!
So if you happen to be in the area on one of the performance dates

(Nov 29/Dec 27/Jan 23/ Jan 31/ Feb 29/ March 14),

I can sincerely recommend a visit even if you’re not a native german speaker.

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